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HWG-6S-2type CNC optical fiber spiral armored machine
1. Overview:
Specializing in the production of stainless steel wire metal hose, automatic continuous production of 0.6mm - 16mm fiber optic cable armored pipe. The armored pipes are used for outdoor stretching, machine room communication, optical fiber pigtail and jumper in distribution frame, indoor shaft level and forced ventilation level wiring, instrument, communication equipment interconnection, etc.
2. Equipment specifications and functions:
Hose specification: 0.6mm - 1.6mm, 1.0mm - 6mm, 7 - 12mm, 12 - 16mm
speed: host speed 1060 / 1800r / 50Hz;
Voltage: three phase four wire (380 + n) frequency: 0-50Hz; power: 3-8kw
Overall dimension: 2200x850x1850mm;  Weight: 1300kg
Function: CNC system control servo motor operation, high efficiency, convenient use and maintenance, low noise.
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